My new book: “Josephine/ A Patway to Freedom”

Dear readers,

I am very glad to say that a new book of mine, “Josephine/ A Pathway to Freedom” will soon be released by Dixi Books! It will be available to be purchased on Amazon UK from May 28th, and then all over England bookshops.  I am so very happy for it, I hold the book few days ago for the first time, and I felt in love, again.

What is “Josephine” about? The story of Josephine is a simple one, a modern tale, that narrates the life of a young lady and all the things she had to go throw in order to finally take the responsibility of her own life, and live her own destiny, to start a life of fullfilment.

“Josephine” is a book that tells a difficult story, but it is full of hope. Somehow it tells the story of many people in our society, men and women, that are living a life that is not really proper for them, but they think they have no choice but live in the way it is said to be the only one. But this is not true, there is always an escape, there is always a way to start again, to start living what we all wish for.

The book starts with a preface that introduces a metaphorical way to see this story, and it ends with an imagined letter from Virginia Woolf to me. I personally wrote all the content of the book, made al the illustrations, and the cover design as well. The book is my child and I love it a lot!

A big thank you to all the people that worked for this book to happen, especially to Ayşe, Aytaç, Akif and our editor, it has been a hard work, but it was worth it.

“Joséphine” captures the theme of women living in patriarchal societies, across all ages and continents, relegated to their role of wives, mothers, and ghost‑like presences in homes where everything is expected to work effortlessly. It tells the story of a woman who has courage, and moves the mechanism of divine providence to save herself, and to create for herself a better future, in order to grow and evolve.”

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