Virginia Elena Patrone

She Eats

True… I do love eating indeed, but there is more… 

Veganbul is my food blog (but not updated any longer)  I start writing about vegan food some years ago, after writing an entire cook book about vegan desserts, the result of it is my book called Dolce Vegan

Banana and chia pudding with red fruits

When I start to write Veganbul (a portmanteau word composed by Vegan and Istanbul) I was living in Istanbul and I wanted to prove that eating vegan is possible everywhere, even when it is difficult to find all those fancy ingredients (like tofu, tempeh, etc etc) that either I could’t find in Turkey, or they were too expensive.

(My diet is mostly vegan, at home I cook almost every time vegan food, but I prefer not to label myself as vegan since label means lack of freedom to me. I eat whatever I want, and this happens to be vegan food 99% of the time, but sometimes I enjoy to eat goat cheese or fresh natural eggs from my neighbour’s chickens.)

Cacao oat milk

Also my blog (as my book does) focuses on the radical homemaker idea, a political approach over food, or how to produce at home as much as ingredients as you can, in order to avoid buying all of them from the supermarket: for instance, I produce my bred from sourdough, I make my vegetable milk (rice, almonds, cashew,…), and many other things. While shopping, I try to buy as less as I can from the supermarket (almost nothing), and to buy instead all my ingredients from local food market and street pazar. This is because I believe that there is nothing more political than foodas soon as we start to change our eating habits we can really change the economical assets of the place we live. We have the power to decide where to direct our money and so we should. Eating is something that we do every day, three times or more per day: we can give those money to whom really deserve them, to whom is producing natural vegetable from ancient seeds, to whom is caring about our beautiful Earth and to whom is worrying about the healt of human, animals and plants. Conversely, personally I don’t want to sustain those selfishly corporates which do care about nothing but profit, power and money.

Fermented cauliflower

Food is important, it keeps us alive, healthy, and it can cure us. We need to take back the time to graciously prepare our food every day, to feed us and the people we love. We shouldn’t entrust this important duty to international holdings which just care about making profit out of our luck of time at the expenses of our health.

Food is a tool to change the world. The international holdings know this very well. Food is their business and it makes them earn tons of money. If we start to direct our money differently, if we spend a little more time in the kitchen for cooking our meals from sketch, it will make the difference for us and for the entire planet. I believe we have the power to change things!

If you want to see some of my recipes, here there is the list of all the recipes of Veganbul, while you can see the blog here: Veganbul home page.

Buckwheat crepes with stew cabbage.