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My art and illustrations are for me a way to express my invisible self. I get inspired by nature during aimless walking, or by watching life and people I see around.

My relation with art is very much tactile: one of the most magical places for me are stationaries, where I can see and look and search for hours to all kinds of colours, papers, brushes and inks. I am in love with colours and I enjoy playing with them, to combine and to mix them.

Art, and in particular illustrations, are for me a pass-through experience, they made me communicate with a bigger dimension, the holy side of me. Art is a window, a piece of beauty that might inspire others to look as well for some beauty in their life. Art and beauty to me are powerful tools to look for the true essence of life.

Here below you can see few samples of my drawings, if you would like to see more, or visit  The Moonlit Ink, my illustrations blog,  where I publish most of my illustrations and art projects.

Here, a portfolio of chosen works.