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Here below, an antology of my past work.



Dolce Vegan/ Geleneksel ve Sağlıklı Vegan Tatlılar

An anthology of fair, vegan, healthy recipes and a manifesto about my idea of food political approach, published by  Kolektif Kitap in February 2018. The text is in Turkish.

Dolce Vegan Book review

Josephine/ A Pathway To Freedom

An illustrated tale for adults that talks about the self blossoming throw the story of a courageous woman, who decides to take the responsibility of her own destiny. The cover is also my design. Published by Dixi Books in May 2018, the text is in English.

Josephine Book reviews

Josephine: A Pathway to Freedom is a modern tale that speaks about spiritual emancipation, which occurs when Josephine dares to listen to her growth need and, by abandoning the safety of a golden cage, finally finds herself. The tale, which shows an ironic side as well, is a dreamlike journey which makes you think about chances and choices which make your pathway through life and also invites you to follow your internal self and never give up looking for freedom, happiness and making every day count. “Unhappiness, however, is not a state of mind to denigrate. On the contrary, it is a message that tells, or screams, to us that we must change, and if we can grasp this message, we have the opportunity to grow and expand”. -Chiara A.

I finished your book and it is marvelous 🙂 congratulations on a great accomplishment. It was inspiring to read especially since I am going through my own transition and would love to get more in touch with my true nature. -April S.

Josephine is an intense novella that touches your heart in her kind, soft, gentle, matriarchal way! The character Josephine came to my mind many times after I finished reading it. It took me for a while to understand why and I had to go deeper in me to discover why it effected me so much. We need to discover our inner power, power to make our own path, break or complete our circles. Josephine gives you the chance to remember this! Virginia Elena Patrone’s the way of writing is so sincere, you feel that she is just sitting next to you and whispering the story into your ear with a warm and deep voice. I am looking forward to reading more of her writings! -Çiğdem F.

Ecological Community

A book I illustrated, written by Ralph Wether, published by Dixi Books in May 2018. Available in English and Turkish.



Nowadays I collaborate with Yanez Magazine and other magazines. Those are some of the articles I have written in the past:

Articles written for Cosebelle Magazine (in Italian)

Mary Shelley: storia di una donna e delle sue responsabilità

Seriebelle: Killing Eve

Leggere il diario di Myriam: perché fa bene

Articles about sustainable architecture

List of articles published by architetturaecosostenibile (the text is in talian)

Traditional adobe bricks in Sardinia Island, Italy

The first earth bags dome in Turkey

Cycling road project between Venice and Turin

Dammusi, the traditional house of Pantelleria (small island of Italy)

Solar road in Holland (update)

The technique of Super Adobe, interview with Davide Frasca

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Why the vegan diet is sustainable

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Cultivating bio under water

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Art for water shortage awareness

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Food, sustainability and design

Sustainability and slow living

Sustainable development of MedellinHouses underneath

Hemp lime

Sustainable technique for the reclamation of polluted land

Blue economy and architecture

Houses form plastic bottles

How to live without fridge

Iranian wind tower

Costruire con la paglia (CASA&CLIMA”)

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Ai margini della foresta di cannella (Bioarchitettura)

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Short stories

Here below, some of the short stories I have published on my blog.

Desideri e barboncini

Una pagina dal diario segreto di una mucca