Virginia Elena Patrone


Also photography is a way of creating images. This is more like a fun activity for me than anything else. I take pictures of things I like, and I do it for personal pleasure. I like the special, intimate aspect of photography, it’s ability to frame a moment very dear to me. I like to look at my pics and remember the state of my mind and heart at the exact moment I took it.

Here there are some pics of mine, some of them have been taken with my old film camera. If you want to see more of them, you can visit my photography site: Luna emotional color.

Powerful rocks in Aci Trezza, Sicily in September 2015.
Statues in Catania.
A Saint speech, Catania in September 2015.
The sound of water. Fountain near the food market in Catania, September 2015.
Foor market in Catania. September 2015.