Virginia Elena Patrone

Forever Extinct #9 / Second Series – The Desert Rain Frog

  This very small amphibious, Breviceo macrops – lives in the narrow strip of sandy shores between the sea and the

Forever Extinct #5 – African Black Rhino

Forever Extinct #5 – African Black Rhino (Dicero bicornis). The African Black Rhino’s story can gives us some hope, no

Forever Extinct #3 – Ring-Tailed Lemur

An endangered species from Madagascar is our star of today’s illustration. This is a Ring Tailed Lemur (Lemur catta), an

Forever Extinct #2 Atlantic Puffin

The animal of today’s illustration is not extinct yet, but it can become it soon. This is the Atlantic Puffin (Fratercul

“Patriarchy” – My piece for the collective exposition “La Gabbia” (“The Cage”)

“Patriarchy”:  it is so called the piece with whom I participate at the collective art exposition “La Gabbia

The first attendee at “101 Amazing Undiscovered Humans”

Hello! The first attendee of my project “101 Amazing Undiscovered Humans” arrived, and… it was my father!

101 Amazing Undiscovered Humans

Dear you, Welcome to “101 Amazing Undiscovered Humans”, my new project to get to know each other, I am happy to see you he

The Moonlitink Calendar for 2018

Please check here below the calendar I designed and illustarated for the next year :). I wanted to make something fun and colo

My calendar for 2017

This is the calendar I prepared for the year 2017! The main character of it is a beautiful lady who is welcoming not only the