Who is VEP

I am a writer, a radio speaker, a freelance journalist and an illustrator with a peculiar outsider way of perceiving things. I am clumsy, impatient, fast, artsy and with a powerful soul.

I was born in Italy – La Spezia (1985), grown up in Genoa and studied and lived in many different countries.

My background is in Naval Architecture (Genoa and Nantes), and in Urbanology (Frankfurt am Main and Istanbul): now I use the spatial coding and research knowledge of my mind-set  while I write and do my art.

About my writing – in my essays and books I do write about feminism, environment, ecology and environment, architecture and sustainable urban projects, movies and books review. I like to talk about powerful strange misfit different kinds of women. I like to talk about what I talk using different perspectives and unusual point of views.

I can speaks five languages (Italian, English, French, Turkish and some Greek) plus I knows a little Japanese and German, too.

Nowadays I live in Turkey, most of the time I writes and draw, also because this makes me feel good. Most of the time I also think about almost-impossible art projects, or where to travel or live next.

In the past, I wrote and collaborate with some Italian magazines, among them: Architettura Ecosostenibile, Bio Architettura, Casa Clima, Bioarchitettura e Cosebelle Magazine. Now, I write for Yanez Magazine, and this is my profile on Medium, where I publish articles in English.

I also used to write about vegan food and sustainability on my blog, Veganbul, and my cookbook on the same topic, Dolce Vegan, has been published by  Kolektif Kitap, in Turkish.

My latest book, “Josephine/  A  Pathway To Freedom“, has been published by Dixi Books in May 2018, in English.

As illustrator, I have been the co-author of the book “Ecological Community“, also published by Dixi Books in May 2018 (both in English and Turkish).

I am also the co-writer and the co-speaker of  the radio program Ebedi Yokoluş/ Forever Extinct, in Turkey we are on-air every Monday from 19:00 to 19:20 on Acık Radyo (94.9), and we talk about animal extinction in a way you never heard of it.

My house at Hogwarts: Ravenclaw.

If you’d like to collaborate with me, I accept collaborations as author, journalist and illustrator. You can write me at virginiaelenapatrone@gmail.com

If you can read in Turkish, go and check my book Dolce Vegan, here.

If you can read in Italian this is my latest article published by Yanez, here.

If you read in English here some articles I published on Medium.

Thank you for stopping by, Virginia.



Photos by my talented friend  Juls

Five points about my life path

  • Writing, drawing, studying: favorite things
  • Holistic justice: a life choice
  • Search for different perspectives: to understand better everyone, everything
  • Destiny: the courage to follow it
  • Holy side of life: inside and out



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