Λέσβος or not Λέσβος?

20161101_125344Λέσβος is a very beautiful island and nobody can say differently. It is a controversial place to live in maybe, but beautiful. It has been a month now that Çide and I are living here, we have been renting a place in Mytilini, which is the main (and only) city in the island.

When we took the house we knew that this wouldn’t be our last stop, that we don’t want such a life, because even if it is in a smaller context than Istanbul (the city we were living before) here ,too, it feels like living in a city -and we are like the ones who dream the countryside!- but we thought it as a temporary solution: so it was OK.

And the thing is that if we wanted to stay here, we would have been able to find a small village to live, maybe near the seaside or up on a hill, we could find a nice old stone house to rent with garden, and we could settle here. Everything appears and seams very OK, but we don’t feel so. We are fine and our life is fine, but there is something missing here. We don’t know exactly what it is, but we found this out since the very first week we have been living here.

We had in mind the idea of settling here, and so to find out that this is not the right place for us was hard, for few hours at least. So, we though not to decide anything for awhile, to take some time to think more, to see more places around, to feel the place, the people, and finally we discovered this is not the right place for us!

So we will move again, next stop is Italy! The location is not certain yet but we are thinking about moving to Sicily, and before we will probably spend December in my father’s house, near Genova, where hopefully we will have a happy very Xmas.

What I am sorry for:

  • I will not be able to learn Greek as fast as I am doing now, since I am going to the university to study the language and also since I am in Greece and I can speak very single day. I have been learning Greek since two years, and finally I can speak it (it feels soooooo good when this time of “language learning” comes!), but still reading books is complex for me because I don’t have enough vocabulary (and I would like to read greek books), plus I need to study more grammar.
  • We already have some friends here whom I like very much, and I am sad that we will not be able to meet very often after we leave from Lesbos.
  • The Island is a great source of thermal water, which I totally adore! Going to thermal water is very cheap, it costs 3 or 4 euros, so while here I can go there every week… I wish to live in a place that offers some thermal water again!
  • I would like to learn more about spontaneous herbs of the island (but I don’t think I will have time). Still I will be able to learn more about spontaneous herbs in the place where I will live.

What can I do about it:

  • I will keep learning Greek, especially I will try to watch movies and series in Greek.
  • I will keep in contact with my friend and try to meet them when I can.
  • I will find thermal water around the place I will be. Hopefully I will have a spring of thermal water in my garden!! 😀
  • I will learn about spontaneous herbs anyway (I was going to learn about them even without coming here anyway)!


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