My calendar for 2017


This is the calendar I prepared for the year 2017! The main character of it is a beautiful lady who is welcoming not only the new year but all the new experience and people that this new period will bring to us. She also representing the nature, and the love and connection we all share between each other.

The festivities I noted in the calendar are the ancient festivities of the pagan rituals, the ones which were underling the connection with mother Earth with the importance of including the natural rithm in our life. I noted them here because I want starting to celebrate them from the beginning of next year, 2017. I wanna learn how to connect myself better with all the alive being on this planet and on the universe.

The skirt of the lady is divided into twelve parts, they are the months. One of her arm is long, with which she is connecting the old time with the new and then renewing it, adjusting it according to our needs that are necessary for the evolution we constantly undertake in our life.



4 years ago


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