101 Amazing Undiscovered Humans #2: Edmundo, a Revolutionary Roleplayer


I am very glad to introduce you a new attendee of my project, “101 Amazing Undiscovered Humans”: Edmundo Silveira.

I meet Edmundo (quite!) some years ago while I was living in Auckland -New Zealand, and I felt very happy and surprised when he told me he’d like to join the project “101 Amazing Undiscovered Humans”. The project is exactly tailor made for people like him!

Edmundo in his letter wrote on his passion and work about the Roleplaying game, which he explains to be not only a powerful social tool for interacting with people and finding some very deep connections and true friendship with others that you wouldn’t have the chance to meet otherwise, but it is also a very creative process, that stimulates your creativity and your power of imagining. In addition, the Roleplaying game is also used to discuss about social problem, because the participants can develop empathy toward a character that belong to a different social status or that is suffering of any sort of social exclusion, that in real life they wouldn’t have nor understood or feel.

What is the Roleplaying game? You can find out reading the beautiful letter of Edmundo below.

I made a portrait of Edmundo, he’s wearing a black clock that contains some stars while he grabs a half moon, the creative power that comes from our deep spirit. With this image I tried to represent the ability to invent and narrate a story, which can give you the power to made new universes, and it doesn’t necessarily mean to escape from reality, but it allows you to shape some of your forgotten needs. The stars are also all the people that Edmundo meet along the way in this adventure:

“My friendships have made me what I am” – wrote Edmundo.

This text below is what Edmundo wrote in his letter for “101 AUH”, he has some great projects about the Roleplaying Game, if you are interested you can read them by his words.

“The key word for everything that happened in my life is “friendship”

My name is Edmundo Silveira and I am a Brazilian Roleplayer. A long time ago, I was at the school and a colleague came to me and showed me a book and a sheet of paper. He told me about this amazing game of telling stories based on J R.R. Tolkien’s fantastic world, where people gather up to participate on his fantastic world as characters inside a story told by one of the participants.

The Role Playing Game is a storytelling game. A narrator tells a story to a group of participants where each one is a character within that story. As the participants are telling the actions of their characters in the story, the narrator will guide the story to new and unpredictable directions. The fact that you can participate in the story that is told creates an empathy and bond with it that you normally do not have with a story that you just read, after all, you are helping to create and change that story. As in the conventional literature, any story can be told. You can talk about fantastic fantasy worlds, local folklore, or about everyday situations where through their characters within history the participants live modern social problems and seek solutions to these problems.

The hobby is a powerful social tool where people interact with each other and over time develop a bond out game that becomes enduring. It is also used to discuss social problems through the stories that seek to develop a player’s empathy with the world through their characters. Problems like poverty, racism, all sorts of prejudices, violence, social injustices can be addressed in these stories and make the player and his character question these problems and engage with them using their imagination.

This use of Role Playing Games to discuss social problems was what motivated me to work to spread and promote the hobby in my country in recent years. Through a play I could discuss with children the value of local culture, of their own community, and even themes such as inclusion of minorities. With this idea in hand I took this activity to the public schools, working together with the teachers to insert the activity as one available for the children to have as a hobby. The ability to create stories that discuss historical facts and thereby attract children’s interest in our history attracted teachers to the project. At the moment I am coordinating a team that studies the RPG for young students on the logical, psychological and philosophical perspective.

In addition to children in public and private schools, I have sought to work with the project as an inclusion tool for minorities. Inspired by a project developed in the USA, I am seeking to take the activity to people with audio and visual disabilities. A am working with the Braille department of my city’s Public Library, and I am working on assist a friend on developing storytelling dynamics using the sign language. I am also with the project taking the hobby to very poor communities where children can play by telling stories of the reality of their own community, in their own way.

RPG and Literature go hand in hand. After all, the key part of the hobby are books and the activity develops creativity in storytelling. Many RPG players end up becoming writers. Nevertheless, in the literary community the hobby is not seen as a part of it. Professional storytellers usually do not work together with the RPG storytellers.I’m looking to cross that bridge and include RPG as a literary activity. I want the RPG to be included in literary events like book fairs and shown to the public as an activity for those who enjoy books. I’m developing workshops where book authors show the connection of RPG with literature. Where they show how RPG influenced their ability to tell stories. How the RPG influences the literary market and how they make the public consume more books.

I’ve been involved in promoting Role Playing Games for over 25 years. In the end, the reason that led me to this is simpler than the projects I’m involved with. Through RPG, I made many valuable friendships. Interesting people I could count on at many times in my life. People who have made and to this day make me feel special. People that I certainly would not have known were it not for this hobby, for being so different from me, for living in different social environments. My friendships have made me what I am. It was what made me appreciate the human being. For the encouragement of my friends I have been to other continents, I have lived the best experiences of my life. I feel rich and accomplished because of the good that my friends do to me. I want to bring this experience to more people. I want to see lasting friendships forming when people sit at a table and start living a story together. Friendship is the key.

If you are interested in taking the RPG to your community, you can contact me at rpgbelohorizonte@gmail.com so I can help you with tips.”


If you too like to apply for the “101 Amazing Undiscovered Humans” project, read about it here or watch this video. Write me a letter, and I will make a portrait of you!

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