Asking for help! Crowdfunding for spay four street cats


I am writing because I need help. Few days ago I started a crowdfunding to neuter four street cats I am daily feeding. As I explain also in the dedicated page of the project, I live in a area where there is a huge number of street animals (cats and dogs) and no one takes care of them, I do feed some of them, but I am just one person and I cannot do much by myself. I do my best thought. The reason to start this fund rising is because I need to do more that just feed them, I would like to spay as much as street animals as I can, because first we need to avoid that they will grow in number. There are so many cats and dog that die in car accidents, or because of illness or hunger and seeing this is heartbreaking. I know this problem seems a small one in comparison to other problems of the world, but still it is a problem indeed. So please help! Or if you cannot help, talk about this project to your friends, maybe they can or they’d like to help.

You can read more about hit campaign here.

Thank you!

2 years ago

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