Photo of Virginia Elena Patrone
Virginia Elena Patrone
is an artist, an illustrator and an author focused on women and nature.


Virginia Elena Patrone studied Naval Design and Architecture in Italy and France, and Sustainable Urban Planning in Germany and Turkey.


Her art has been presented in numerous museums and galleries; her articles and books have been published in different platforms and languages.


After 15 years of artistic experience combined with different field of academic backgrounds, she has decided to start her own business as a professional illustrator in Berlin and then she moved her business to Italy and now she has an atelier in Genoa, Italy.


Her style is colourful, inspiring, tender and fresh.


She keeps creating art, making illustrations, writing books and designing projects with the intention of presenting less known or underrepresented topics.

She is awarded in XIV International Illustration And Book Design Competition 2021, in the category of Illustrations For Non-Fiction.

Çiğdem Fidan
is the co-founder and the project executive of Virginia Elena Patrone illustrations, she is a independent cultural researcher and a herbalist.


Çiğdem Fidan studied Political Science and did her master degree in Sociology. She also studied Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs.


She worked as a qualitative researcher and research consultant more than 15 years and conducted social researches as well as market researches.


Nowadays, she is working with Virginia as the co-founder and the project executive.


She keeps learning about different printing techniques, making frames, reading and editing The Fairy Queen Press’s illustrated booklets, writing poems, and designing projects with Virginia.

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