Virginia Elena Patrone

June editorial – New borns and environment: the ethic of having babies on a planet facing climate crisis.

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Leggere “Il Diario di Myriam”: perché fa bene

*Un articolo in precedenza uscito su Cosebelle Magazine* Myriam è una ragazzina che dall’età di otto anni ha cominciato a

Bellezza: in atto una rivoluzione del canone estetico?

*Un articolo in precedenza uscito su Cosebelle Magazine*   Seppure il concetto di bellezza femminile associato al canone

MAY’S EDITORIAL – Broaden the spectrum of the discussions on the environment

Aldo Leopold, one of the early contributors of the environmental philosophy branch, in his essay “The Sand Country Almanac

I quaderni del parco di San Pietro in Silki

Here the booklet I made for the Onus Regina Margherita of Sassari – Sardegna about the wild herbs of their park. / Qui i


April is a beginning. Spring, first a little shyly, is now starting to explode everywhere around me. Yesterday a friend called

Forever Extinct/ Second series – #2 The Fernandina Giant Tortoise (Chelonoidis phantasticus)

She is back! The Fernandina Giant Tortoise has been see the last time in 1906 and it was believed to be extinct untill 2017, w

Forever Extinct #9 / Second Series – The Desert Rain Frog

  This very small amphibious, Breviceo macrops – lives in the narrow strip of sandy shores between the sea and the

Ispirazione Podcast

Avete voglia di ascoltare dei podcast belli e sorprendenti mentre magari lavorate a maglia il cappellino all’ultimo grido ch

Forever Extinct #8 – Carolina Parakeet

The only native parrot of North America, the Carolina Parakeet (Conuropsis carolinensis) was the only species native to the ea