TFQ Project

The Fairy Queen (TFQ)’s Manifesto

The Fairy Queen is a publishing experiment and art project about feminism, ecology and ecofeminism by me, Virginia E. Patrone.


I am an author and illustrator with a background in architecture and urban studies. I am an ecofeminist woman that is trying with her life to do nice things, with the intention that what I do will be good both for other beings and for me.

The knowledge I have on space, design and research due to my background, are still the basis for my studies, my researches and art: I use them everyday, and thanks to them I am the person I am today, thinking the way I do.

The Fairy Queen (TFQ) is a project that is based on me, thus it includes visual art in the form of illustrations (as product and services) and also it includes the sharing of my ideas, my text and writings, as printed books, my books.

As author AND illustrator my life has been complex, because it is believed by many that mostly one needs to focus on only one thing in life, in order to do it professionally. But for me this is neither true nor possible, since my nature, my wishes, my desires and my body itself constantly ask me to be more that one thing at a given time, thus I obey to my true nature.

The Fairy Queen is a way to be truly myself, with complexity I am built with, that time to time caused me confusion or difficulties, but also gave me the great and beautiful strength to endure them.

I believe:

  • Women are powerful. Nature is more powerful. Those two entities always amaze me.
  • Women can and must work together: soro-rize! (And yes, there is not afterlife, but there is a special place in hell for women who hates women).
  • Our life, our impact on the planet can be so much more powerful than we imagine, because we are, all of us, involuntary-marketing-operations: if we live as much as close to our ideals, we end up advertising what we believe in, for the good and for the bad and even if we don’t realize it.
  • Animals and plants must have the same rights of humans: no hierarchy accepted.
  • Changing is good: after all, it is what differentiates us from being dead.
  • Mary Shelley was an incredible genius.
  • Eating vegetarian is great, eating vegan is even greater.
  • Bikes and trains are my favourites.