101 Amazing Undiscovered Humans

Dear you,

Welcome to “101 Amazing Undiscovered Humans”, my new project to get to know each other, I am happy to see you here!

Do you feel that you are doing amazing things with your life, but nobody knows it?

 Do you have the impression that whatever you care about is considered like nothing for most of the people you know?

Well, you are the perfect candidate for this project!

Write me a letter and tell me what not-successful-amazing-things you are doing in your life.

Why should you do that? Well, I personally define success in a very diverse way in comparison to what it is considered today. I was inspired back many years ago by this quote of David Orr:

 “The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as we have defined it.” David W. Orr, Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World

For me a person is successful if she or he cares about others (humans, animal or plants), if she or he respects our lovely planet in many different way possible, if she or he struggles doing what she was called to do for in life from her/his destiny.

Success to me is trying to follow your destiny even if everything seams against you, even if no one knows or values what you do, even if sometimes you feel desperate but you know inside yourself you are actually doing what you are supposed to.

Today we only celebrate a certain kind of success, and this is usually linked with money flowing into your wallet. And it is understandable, because this – money – are the most common way of rewarding your work in our society. But money cannot be the only outcome out of your work. There are many fundamental things that are priceless in life, like clean air, like hearing a singing bird, like feeling the spirit of a tree or be with the people you love and feeling their love for you. How much cost those things? We cannot say… Plus we tend to forget that success doesn’t come overnight, it is a long sometimes hard way.

I think it is time to celebrate and give voice to all the people that have ideals and make many efforts in their daily life in order to build the life and the world they imagine and they wish to live in. I want them to know that their life count and that their contribution, no matter how small it is, counts.

Let’s give voice to all the invisible people that are in love with love and life and they are making their own life a piece of art!

Do you think you belong here? I am really waiting to know more about you!

What is “101 Amazing Undiscovered Humans”?

It is a project that is aimed to give voice to people that are yet not known for the amazing things that they are doing.

What should you do?

Write me a letter and tell me why you are special, what is your life destiny and how you pursuing it, and what are you doing with your life to create a better reality. Send me pic of you that you love. I will mail you a portrait of you that will be included into the faces of the 101-amazing-undiscovered-people of the project 🙂


Contact me at: virginiaelenapatrone@gmail.com