Virginia Elena Patrone


  • (Segue in italiano) From the beginning of July 2019, for the summer, on Monday of every week on the web Page of the dynamic team of Skincare & Psicofarmaci,  there will be a new episode of the graphic novel I write and draw “Widina of Knossos- The ancient girl”. It will be in Italian.  /// (Dall’inizio di luglio 2019 per due mesi estivi, ogni lunedì sul sito dell’effervescente trio di Skincare & psicofarmaci uscirà un nuovo episodio della graphic novel che scrivo e illustro, “Widina di Knosso. La ragazza antica” Qui: Presentazione del fumettoPrologoEpisodi).


  • From May 6th – 2019. Every Monday on Acık Radyo 94.9 at 19.00 – I am the co-writer and the co-speaker of the program Ebedi Yokoluş – Forever Extinct. A program that talks about extinct species and endangered ones.


  • Wednesday, November 21st, 2018 – h 13.00 – Italian High School of Istanbul (IMI)Presentation of my book “Dolce Vegan” during the Italian Cuisine Week in the World,  program here. Here you can see the memoire of the event > SETTIMANA DELLA CUCINA ITALIANA – MEMORIE CULINARIE