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Clumsy, impatient, artsy and with a powerful soul, Virginia is a writer and illustrator with a peculiar outsider way of perceiving things. She was born in La Spezia (1985) and has grown up in Genoa. She studied and lived in many different places.

Her background is in Naval Architecture (Genoa and Nantes), and in Urbanology (Frankfurt am Main and Istanbul). She speaks five languages (Italian, English, French, Turkish and some Greek) plus, she knows a little Japanese and German as well.

Now she lives in Turkey, she writes book and she draws to feel good. She’s constantly thinking of impossible art projects, or of where to travel or live next. She also is the writer and the co-speaker of  a radio program about extinct animal called Ebedi Yokoluş/ Forever Extinct.

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw.


My path is a little controversial, and in late years I’ve experienced many changes, in a quite short period of time.

I was born in La Spezia on January 10th, in 1985 during a stunning and extraordinary snowstorm, very uncommon for the area. I am “Telica”, an ancient Arabic word which means ‘born with the snow’.

Very young I begun to swim, and then I wanted to do diving but I became a waterpolo player instead, because diving was not available were I was living while swimming was too boring for me. For many years I have been the only girl in the male team.

Regarding my academic career, I studied Naval Design at the University of Architecture in Genoa, and then I prosecuted my studies in the city of Nantes, France, where I graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Architecture in Naval Architecture and I earned my first master title (DPEA).

After that, I briefly worked in the architecture and design field in Genoa, then I started again to study, enrolling in a research master program on the topic of international urban environment and planning, at the University of Frankfurt (Urban Agglomerations, MSc), where my interests were always driven by the social and aspect of the planning approach. During my studies I lived in Istanbul undergoing an exchange program with the Technical University of Istanbul (ITU), and in new Delhi where I have been researching for my master thesis about self-construction (“Self-construction: a tool for slum upgrading in India“).

While living in Istanbul I worked for several Italian magazines as a freelance journalist, writing about architecture and sustainable planning (some of the magazines I collaborated with are: Bio Architettura, Casa&Clima, and the on-line page ).

I used to write about vegan food and sustainability on my blog, Veganbul, and my cookbook on the same topic, Dolce Vegan, has been published by  Kolektif Kitap, in Turkish.

I used to collaborate with  Cosebelle Magazine, mainly writing about women and feminist thematics (in Italian).

My latest book, “Josephine/  A  Pathway To Freedom“, has been published by Dixi Books in May 2018, in English.

As illustrator, I have been the co-author of the book “Ecological Community“, also published by Dixi Books in May 2018 (both in English and Turkish).

New books are coming.



Photos by my talented friend  Juls

Five points about my life path

  • Writing and drawing: favorite things
  • Holistic justice: a life
  • Search for different perspectives: to understand better
  • Destiny and heat: courage
  • Holy side of life: inside and out

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