My Daily Temple

My temple is everywhere, it is where I cook, where I sleep, or the nature I come across while having a purposeless walk around my home.

The title of my blog comes from the idea that everything, every activity of our life, has an holy aspect and it somehow connects our well being to our planet and home, the Earth.

Today we tend to separate everything, we divide also the sacral and the holy aspects of life from our daily life: for instance, inside the churches Christians do some holy activities but not outside, and this is mostly true for all modern religions. In very remote past, in certain kind of societies, every activity of the daily life was considered sacral, because it the was expression of life itself.

In the book “The living Goddesses” written by Marija Gimbutas and  published posthumous it is written:

“In her long career, Maria Gimbutas excavated many temples- generally  these were generally found within a community, an integral part of it. In these temples or “house shrines” the heart was often central and home-related tasks such as backing were aligned with the sacred.


Gimbutas believes that the old Europeans wove clothes, baked bread and created pottery as sacred acts: that the ancient temples were centers of a holistic spiritual life.”

My blog is aimed by this holistic spirit and life approach, and it intends to deal with sacrality as part of a daily life attitude.