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Avete voglia di ascoltare dei podcast belli e sorprendenti mentre magari lavorate a maglia il cappellino all’ultimo grido ch

Forever Extinct #8 – Carolina Parakeet

The only native parrot of North America, the Carolina Parakeet (Conuropsis carolinensis) was the only species native to the ea

Forever Extinct #7 _ Chinese Pangoline

Forever Extinct #7 – Chinese Pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) The pangolin, often mistaken for a reptile, is actually a scaly-s

Forever Extinct #6 White-headed Duck

As I was doing my researches to find new endangered species for my illustration series, I came across to this beautiful duck:

Forever Extinct #5 – African Black Rhino

Forever Extinct #5 – African Black Rhino (Dicero bicornis). The African Black Rhino’s story can gives us some hope, no

Forever Extinct #3 – Ring-Tailed Lemur

An endangered species from Madagascar is our star of today’s illustration. This is a Ring Tailed Lemur (Lemur catta), an

Forever Extinct #2 Atlantic Puffin

The animal of today’s illustration is not extinct yet, but it can become it soon. This is the Atlantic Puffin (Fratercul

Nuovo articolo per Cosebelle Magazine – Mary Shelley: storia di una donna e delle sue responsabilità

L’articolo parla del film girato dalla prima regista donna saudita Haifa al-Monsour, “Mary Shelley – Un amor

Ethic and aesthetic: the lonely pathway of beauty/ Etica ed estetica: la via solitaria della bellezza

(Segue a quello inglese il testo in italiano) I wrote this article some time ago and never published it. I’ve recently f

Asking for help! Crowdfunding for spay four street cats

Hello, I am writing because I need help. Few days ago I started a crowdfunding to neuter four street cats I am daily feeding.