Customized Personal Illustration

▶︎ I offer customized personal illustration services!


▶︎ If you have any project or some dreams in your mind, I can illustrate them for you.

For example, I made series of illustration for a mother who wrote a book for her newborn baby.

Another mother wanted to give an illustration of a ballerina to her daughter who loves ballerinas.


▶︎ To have your own customized illustrations, please contact me: vep@virginiaelenapatrone.com

Some illustration examples for a newborn book written by the mother
Newborn Book_Giorgio_15Settembre by Virginia Elena Patrone
Newborn Book_Giorgio_5Maggio by Virginia Elena Patrone
Newborn Book_Giorgio_Cover by Virginia Elena Patrone
Custom ballerina illustration for a child’s wall
Ballerina_Virginia Elena Patrone
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