Women Who Write

Feather pen by Virginia Elena Patrone

In a society that functions according to an unwritten patriarchal law that states that women’s thoughts are less interesting that the ones of a man, holding a pen and use it on a white piece of paper is one of the most rebellious act a woman can do: this was true in the past, this is still true today.


“Literature cannot be a business for a woman’s life.” they would say. Also today, if we look at numbers (numbers of women published in comparison to men, numbers of magazines and journals that feature books written by women, numbers of publishing houses run by women, and so on) we understand that women are still having hard times within the publishing industry.


This is not the only point of it: a woman writer is important also for what she represents. She is someone who embraces, protects and revere her own ideas and work, she is someone who develops her personal philosophy and wants to share it with the world, because she believes it to be important also for others. And thus she, with her work and also with her life itself, gives back the power to the women to be what they want in their life, because what they do and what they think matters.

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