Hawk – Smart, patience, cautious and courageous

A hawk is a majestic bird with exquisite eyesight. It is smart, patience, cautious and courageous. It is a very independent animal that has the intelligence and the patience of planning ahead.


In Egypt falcons represent the rising Sun: the constant rebirth of life within life.


Hawks also represent victory and they signify the higher self and the connection with the world of spirits. They are aligned with a powerful and warm solar energy: hawks are strong, energetic, ambitious, and courageous and their energy embodies willpower, transformation, vision and freedom.


When a hawk appears…

When a hawk appears in your life they want to make you intimately aware of your potential. What is your true passion? Are you working on it? And, are you acting on that passion wisely?


When a hawk appears in your life, it may wants to suggest to you to start planning ahead, because with perseverance and focus your wishes will surely come true: just believe in them!


Also, the hawk presence suggests you to step back and look: if you feel to be too close to a certain situation, something that might be feeling difficult or heavy to deal with, a falcon tells you to step back and rise above. In this way the situation itself and the surrounding environment will provide you the solution and the way to proceed further!


Also if you have trouble concentrating the hawk medicine will assist you in regaining focus and clarity of thoughts: just ask the falcon to guide you.


When you embody the energy of the hawk you’ll become one with them and you will feel their power and energy in your life, in your body and skin.

Women & Wild


When women blend and merge their essence with the intense wildness of a spirit animal, their freedom become limitless, their creativity and courage become stronger, they become powerful beings embodying the wildness aspect of themself, something that is already and intrinsically part of them, as it is part of all of us.


Animals are also a reminder for us to live fierily our life, to feel and enjoy our body, to listen to our womb, and to questions and to sting our mind. Our sprit animal become in our life a protector, a guide and a good luck charm.


Wild animals appear in our life when we mostly need them: they come to guide us in difficult and challenging times, during transformation. When we feel in need, we can also call their presence, embody their energy and we will feel immediately stronger and freer.

The Hawk and The Woman

Fine art print

Hawk&Woman by Virginia Elena Patrone
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