Owl – Focus, stillness and patience

Owls are nocturnal creatures that have been often associated with paranormal wisdom, regal silence, fierce intelligence and endurance. They are also the animal sacred to Athena, the Greek Goddess of practical reason and handicraft.



Silver tetradrachm coin at the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon depicting the owl of Athena (circa 480–420 BC)


When an owl appears often in our life, or when you feel particularly close to such an animal, you can think that the limits and borders between dimensions are becoming thinner. This means that you are living closer to a portal and a message from a far away time might be delivered soon to you. With the owl energy, also, you will be able to clearly look to your past, present and future without judging it, but just knowing it.


Focus, stillness and patience

As a spirit animal the owl reminds us to look in the deep moving sea that exist within ourselves, inside of us, and also to be true to our own intentions and feelings: if we close our eyes, we can activate our inner vision thus we can have a better understanding of our life, and of the situation we are living in. The energy of the owl brings focus, stillness and patience, the power of the deep knowledge that can just be perceived and cannot be expressed with words.


An owl calls us to be more observant, calmer, to embody our majestic nature, to be more calculated, and to slow down while sitting on a high tree limb: there is not need to be agitated, if we look inwards we will find all the answers we need.

A personal story about owl

Few years ago – it must have been late Summer – I was walking around in the Greek island of Samos, the light was becoming dim as it was an early warm evening and the Sun was almost gone.


While entering into a narrow alley, I hear a dull sound and a little owl fall down in front of my feet. She was dazed after bumping into a window of the building near us and because of that strange light of that particular hour she couldn’t see the window pane.


I was just amazed, I picked her up thinking she was injured, I gently held her with love while I was being afraid of squeezing her too much. I very well can still feel her hard and soft, warm feather under my fingers.


After a while she came again to her senses and flew away: the first escape attempt was only half successful as she got entangled with a wing into a thorny bush. She was then just hanging there, transverse, swaying with the wings open and looking at me. She looked both exhausted and incredulous.


Then, with a last effort, she finally could fly away until I couldn’t see her anymore, as she became part of the dark sky.


What a gift for me was to hold her into my hands and then seeing her well and healthy in the sky again🦉


Hi you!❤️  And thank you🌟

Women & Wild


When women blend and merge their essence with the intense wildness of a spirit animal, their freedom become limitless, their creativity and courage become stronger, they become powerful beings embodying the wildness aspect of themself, something that is already and intrinsically part of them, as it is part of all of us.


Animals are also a reminder for us to live fierily our life, to feel and enjoy our body, to listen to our womb, and to questions and to sting our mind. Our sprit animal become in our life a protector, a guide and a good luck charm.


Wild animals appear in our life when we mostly need them: they come to guide us in difficult and challenging times, during transformation. When we feel in need, we can also call their presence, embody their energy and we will feel immediately stronger and freer.

The Owl and The Woman

Fine art print

Owl&Woman by Virginia Elena Patrone
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