Snow goose – Protection, bravery and loyalty

Goose: The sacred animal of vital force, eternal youth, protector of wealth and fertility

In ancient Rome, goose was the animal sacred to Juno, the Goddess of marriage, vital force, eternal youth and protector of wealth and fertility. People were doing offering to her when a new-born baby arrived their home: in this way they were invoking her protection.


L’oca Pilli

Geese too are very protective animals: I remember when I was a kid, I really loved to go with my dad and my brother to see “l’oca Pilli”, (Pilli the goose) not very far from our house in Pieve Ligure. Pilli though was never very happy to see us and as soon as we were arriving to the gate of her garden where we were looking at her she would start barking like crazy to defend her space form foreigners: geese are noble and also very territorial animal with a kind and generous spirit and they usually mate for life. This is why a goose as spirit animal inspires constancy, bravery and loyalty.


The vulnerable are never left behind!

A goose is also always taking care of their beloved ones, their family and friends, and for instance when geese migrate, if one of them is injured, another goose will break free from the flock to stay behind and be with the injured mate: thus the vulnerable are never left behind! When you have a goose as spirit animal, you are a great defender and protector of your family and friends, bravely standing up for them when they are in need.



Photo: Danny Hancock/Audubon Photography Awards

Photo: Danny Hancock/Audubon Photography Awards



Goose as a spirit animal

When the goose totem appears to you, this might be a sign that you need to protect what is important to you, also it is important to check with yourself to be sure that what you’re trying to protect is worth your attention and efforts.


Also, when geese are flying together, they know exactly where they are going and how to get there: goose as a spirit animal inspire and encourage determination, purposeful movements, and the capacity of being and able pilot for your own life.


Goose gives the meaning and the symbolism of communication, fidelity, parenting, fertility and providence. The goose spirit animal also helps you in creating and maintaining the beauty in every aspects of your life.


When you feel affine to a goose, it also means you are ready to become the leader of your community and of your people: a good leader knows when to ask for help, and you might know how to delegate and to well collaborate with others.


You can also call the spirit animal of a goose when you are ready for new possibilities in your life but you don’t know how: they will help you to find them. Also a goose will be of help when you need to remember that you are meant to fly higher and you feel in need of trust about you and your life.

Women & Wild


When women blend and merge their essence with the intense wildness of a spirit animal, their freedom become limitless, their creativity and courage become stronger, they become powerful beings embodying the wildness aspect of themself, something that is already and intrinsically part of them, as it is part of all of us.


Animals are also a reminder for us to live fierily our life, to feel and enjoy our body, to listen to our womb, and to questions and to sting our mind. Our sprit animal become in our life a protector, a guide and a good luck charm.


Wild animals appear in our life when we mostly need them: they come to guide us in difficult and challenging times, during transformation. When we feel in need, we can also call their presence, embody their energy and we will feel immediately stronger and freer.

The Snow Goose and The Woman

Fine art print

SnowGoose&Woman by Virginia Elena Patrone
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